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One of the reasons why so many people say that hosting your website from home is bad is that you don’t have the same hardware, bandwidth, backup and uptime capabilities as the companies that offer dedicated web hosting.

Well, here’s a timeline of some Twitter posts I came across today.

Have a look at some of these, and I’ll make a few comments at the end.

I think you get the gist now.

Starting from the top, HostGator is offering website hosting from just $0.01 – that’s one cent.

And they currently host roughly 5,000,000 websites – that’s five million websites.

And if you have a reseller hosting plan, you can create unlimited websites.

But hang on! What’s happening now? HostGator seems to be having a huge problem. Lots of Tweeps are mentioning that they’re having problems with their sites.

Now remember, these sites probably aren’t on the $0.01 cent plan. I’ll bet my bottom dollar (or cent :)) on that. And in all honesty, a vast majority are probably on a plan anywhere from $5 to $20 per month, depending on the services provided.

But there’s something else going on here.

Over at http://www.pierwsza-pomoc.org/2011/06/17/most-commonly-used-hostgator-coupon-and-plan/ they write:

Hostgator has changed the way hosting services are provided worldwide with their innovative technology and special services. All their customers have used their services with the hostgator coupon, which saves lot of money from their bills. The most commonly used plan since the beginning has been the basic baby plan. The main importance of the baby plan is that it gives you a month hosting service for $0.01. Thousands of customers have used this plan in the last ten years from hostgator.

The monthly rate with the coupon, you can save lot of money. The regular price for the packages is priced $9.99 and with the discount, the same services are obtained for one cent. Even though the rates are very less, the quality of services is not compromised at all. The high quality services provided by the company keep the company at the top of the best hosting providers in the world.

As I write this, I am also seeing a lot of tweets from tweeps who are promoting (as affiliates) a special discount on hosting with HostGator using promo codes.


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Perhaps this is why the entire service has experienced outages that some of the people above are talking about? Who knows?

Even more perversely, maybe so many people are taking up the $0.01 offer – that’s 1c per month for web hosting, that HostGator is having trouble servicing their current customers while all these other people are busy ordering their brand new 1c plans?

I don’t know. I haven’t spent a lot of time researching why HostGator are having problems as I write this.

All I know is that my site, http://diyws.ath.cx , and all the sub-sites off that domain name, are still up.


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So maybe the cheapest option (even at 1c) is to host your own website at home. Who knows? You may one day get enough traffic to warrant moving to a real web hosting provider – maybe even HostGator.

PS – If you click the HostGator image above, and purchase a plan, I will get paid as an affiliate. I’m not offering a promo code via that link, so you’ll pay full price.

But I would urge you not to click on that link until you’ve set up your own website, on your own computer, on your own Internet connection, by starting with the following article:

Run Your Own Website From Home

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